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Psychotherapy Science, Counselling and Mediation

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Studies in Theology, Romance Languages and Psychotherapy Science
Training in Transactional Analysis, Documentation and Information, Counselling and Mediation
Independent private practice


It is the main purpose of my research activity to find answers to the following question: How can psychotherapy knowledge be integrated in everyday life so that it can also be useful in situations beyond therapy?
Within the scope of my PhD thesis I carried out empirical research on the effectiveness of Transactional Analysis, a theory that can equally be applied in areas other than psychotherapy. The core question of my study was: What changes take place in the life of people who follow Transactional Analysis? What implications does this theory have for their personal condition and situation?






This research appears in the following book published by Waxmann in 2011:
Nowak, Rosa C. 2011: Transaktionsanalyse und Salutogenese. Der Einfluss transaktionsanalytischer Bildung auf Wohlbefinden und emotionale Lebensqualität. Psychotherapiewissenschaft in Forschung, Profession und Kultur, Bd. 2, hg. v. Bernd Rieken. Münster, New York: Waxmann.
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In difficult life situations it can be of great help to think over problems or topics worrying you with someone outside the situation. To do so you can come to my private practice in the third district of Vienna. For me, counselling is not unilaterally giving advice. It is rather a conversation leading to new perspectives and inspirations. And it is you as a client who decides which of these new paths of thought to put into practice.


When conflicts amongst people arise, the best way to deal with them is when all persons involved work together to find a solution. Mediation is the most appropriate technique: a logically structured procedure will make it possible to find a way that does not disadvantage anyone involved and that meets different needs.

You can also come for mediation to my private practice in Vienna, in the third district.


I offer lectures and presentations on various facets of an individual’s development, on social relationships, and on managing stress and challenges in both private and professional life. Basically I deal with ways to keep the balance in stressful situations in order to maintain well-being and quality of life. Just to cite an example, here is the title of a presentation given in 2011:
„Der Alltag als Balance-Akt. Ein Stück Wohlbefinden trotz Stress und Belastung“ – (“Everyday life as a balance act. A portion of well-being in spite of stress and burden”).


Within the scope of my special fields I offer tailor-made presentations and workshops for your events. In both cases I provide attractive handouts and – if required – also reference lists.    As far as content is concerned, my workshops focus on topics similar to those of my presentations. But the workshops allow for active participation. You may want to take part in role play and brief exercises that are usually very lively and entertaining. Thus you get the chance to directly experience new paths in everyday life.   Here are some of the titles of my workshops:
„Das Tempo-Virus. Oder: Wien schnell muss ich sein, um gut zu sein?“ (“The Tempo-Virus. Or: How fast must I be in order to be good?)
„Fairness und Verantwortung in der kollegialen Führung“ (“Fairness and Responsibility in Collegial Leadership“)
„Ich fühl mich immer unterlegen!“ (“I always feel inferior!”), and many more.

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